Say “Hello!” to: Coach Jessica Ronk!

December/January’s spotlight falls on Ms. Jessica Ronk!

Jessica Ronk is the coach of the Sussex Hamilton Chargerette Pom Team in Sussex, Wisconsin. Ronk, who is also a high school biology teacher, wakes up at 3:45A for her 90 minute workouts 6 days a week. Her workout regimen is comprised of jogging, dancing, cycling and free weight training.  Jessica  has used dance as a means of staying fit for over 10 years.

Ms. Ronk, a highly trained dancer since childhood, joined the legendary University of Iowa Dance Team as a college freshman. 

The challenging and competitive choreography of the team often required an equal dose of athleticism, as well as formal dance training from its members. Her 4-year experience as an Iowa Dance Team member laid the foundation for Jessica’s belief that dance is an athletic sport.

Today, she leads her team of 21 dancers through high pressured football and basketball seasons, and state-wide competitions under that same premise. With Ms. Jessica Ronk, the Chargerettes receive consistent cardio workouts, upper body conditioning, strength training, nutrition advice, and even a dose of “how your body works” from the biology expert. 

“She’s our fitness inspiration,” one of her dancers commented. “She’s run five full marathons and continues to train for half-marathons, triathlons, biathlons, and 5K races while teaching and being our coach!”

There’s no denying it…Jessica Ronk is the ideal model of coaching by example, and is to be commended for her role in helping others Get Fit Thru Dance!

Check out the video and pics to see Jessica and her award winning Chargerettes in action!

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